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Contentkeeper Web Filtering Solutions


ContentKeeper is a technology that uses the features of Control List Blocking, Dynamic Analysis and Filtering Controls. It introduced Web filtering and Web security solutions to help IT to stay ahead of next-generation threats. It controls access to inappropriate Internet contentand provide access to valuable content. Organizations utilize Web Filtering to provide a productive and safe work-learning environment.


Today Web Filtering is a key security requirement for almost any organization’s IT network. They provide real-time, high performance Web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection.


It monitors and manages web traffic and examines new and unknown sites in real time. It manages and controls download and desktop access to web content by adaptive content rules. This provides a fault tolerant solution which satisfies all the technical and commercial requirements needed for enterprises.



  •   It provides URL Filtering List.
  •   Full scanning of all Web traffic which includes HTTPS/SSL.
  •   Granular Web application controls for websites like YouTube, Facebook and Google.
  •   Delegated administration functions allow personnel control over the usage of websites.
  •   In-depth reporting with scheduled delivery for stakeholders.
  •   It ensures no harmful or offensive content is accessible to users through Website category database, dynamic content classification andapplication controls.

For organizations, it can reduce exposure to legal liability from copyright breaches and offers protection against web-based virus attacks. It allows the network manager to implement the product in a flexible and customized manner which allows web-filtering to be used according to time of day, user ID, category of URL, etc. This web filtering concept is designed to fit transparently into the existing networks.


Closed-Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology ensures that the database of non-business related sites is superior in quality and coverage. It allows organizations to develop and enforce their own Internet acceptable policies.ContentKeeper integrates policy-based controls to enable the organization with fine control over web use on any Web-connected device which can be located anywhere.

Its Layer-2 Ethernet Bridgeis designed to inspect all Web trafficat the packet data level. This provides ultra-fast scanning and robust protection. It classifies new websites so that it can detect changes in the nature of already classified websites, which means inappropriate Web content is not displayed to users. ContentKeeper provides a comprehensive HTTPS Web filtering solution with complete policy control over the authentication standards.


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