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Cyberoam Web Application Firewall

cyberoam web application firewall


Cyberoam Web Application Firewall:



Cyberoam offers Web Application Firewall membership on its system security apparatuses (Next-Generation Firewalls/UTMs) to secure sites and Web-based applications in associations against assaults, for example, SQL infusion, cross-webpage scripting (XSS), URL parameter altering, session seizing, support floods, and the sky is the limit from there, including the OWASP Top 10 Web application vulnerabilities.


Cyberoam’s Web Application Firewall module takes after the positive insurance model taking into account its Intuitive Website Flow Detector that cleverly “self-takes in” the authentic conduct of Web applications. In light of the Intuitive Website Flow Detector, the Web Application Firewall guarantees the holiness of Web applications because of server solicitations, securing them against Web application control assaults.


The Cyberoam Web Application Firewall is conveyed to catch the activity to and from the web servers to give an included layer of security against assaults before they can achieve the Web applications. It takes a gander at each solicitation and reaction inside of the HTTP/HTTPS/Web Service layers.


Cyberoam WAF Features:

  • Positive protection model without Signature Tables:

The Cyberoam WAF authorizes a positive security display through Intuitive Site Flow Detector to consequently recognize and obstruct all application layer assaults without depending on mark tables or example coordinating methods.


  • Extensive business rationale insurance:

The Cyberoam WAF secures against assaults like SQL infusion, cross-site scripting (XSS), and treat harming that look to adventure business rationale behind Web applications, guaranteeing they are utilized precisely as planned.



  • HTTPS (SSL) encryption Offloading:

Assailants can’t sidestep the Cyberoam WAF assurance measures through a HTTPS (SSL) association, generally utilized as a part of associations that process delicate information. The WAF not just secures encoded associations, in any case, likewise lessens idleness of SSL movement with its SSL offloading capacities.



  • Moment Web server solidifying:

The Cyberoam WAF in a split second shields any Web environment (IIS, Apache, WebSphere®, and so on.) against normal server mis-designs and an regularly extending universe of known 3rd-gathering programming vulnerabilities.



  • Reverse intermediary for approaching HTTP/HTTPS activity:

The Cyberoam WAF takes after a converse intermediary model for all approaching HTTP what’s more, HTTPS activity which gives an extra level of security by virtualizing the application foundation. WAF gets all approaching associations from the Web customer and after that alludes to the server to Satisfy those solicitations. The customer never increases direct contact with the server hence concealing the presence and attributes of beginning servers.



  • URL , Cookie, and Form solidifying:

Cyberoam WAF secures Application-characterized URL inquiry string parameters, treats, and HTML structure field values. It consequently distinguishes and pieces endeavors to raise client benefits through cookie poisoning, obtain entrance to different records through URL question string parameter altering, and different sorts of program information control.



  • Observing and reporting:

Cyberoam WAF gives cautions and logs that help associations with data on sorts of assaults, wellspring of assaults, move made on them, what’s more, more that assist agree to the PCI DSS necessities.


Extra Features:

  • Block/alarm known awful IP addresses
  • Customizable client messages for blocked solicitations
  • Rate-based association shields




Cyberoam WAF Feature Specifications:


  1. 1.   Web Application Security


- Brute Force Attacks Mitigation

- Cookie Protections Measures

- Session Attacks Mitigation

- Cryptographic URL and Parameter Protection

- Strict Request Flow Enforcement

- HTTPS (SSL) encryption offloading

- HTTP-based worm/infection security

- Banner-getting insurance

- Hidden field control security

- SQL infusion security

- OS charge infusion security

- Cross-site scripting insurance (XSS)

- Dangling pointer insurance

- Stealth instructing security

- Buffer invade security

- URL Hardening motor

- Form field meta information approval

- Directory traversal aversion

- Response control

- Block customer

- Reset association

- Redirect

- Custom reaction



2.   Administration

- Web-based arrangement wizard

- Role-based Access control

- Firmware Upgrades viaWebUI

- Cyberoam Central Console (Optional)

- NTP Support

- Web 2.0 consistent UI (HTTPS)

- UI Color Styler

- Command line interface (Serial, SSH, Telnet)

- SNMP (v1, v2, v3)

- Multi-lingual backing: English, Chinese, Hindi, French, Japanese



3.   Reporting

- Real-time system, HTTP alarms

- Detailed action log

- Web notice

- Full exchange log of all action in


4.   Intelligible organization

- System log

- Web Firewall log

- Access log

- Audit log


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