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Two Factor Authentication



Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication, also known as Two-step verification is the process of checking the identity of an object or entity aiming to access services in a network in two consecutive dependent stages. It is also known as an additional layer of security. It requires along with a password and username, a piece of info such as a physical token that only that particular user can use it. RSA Two-Factor Authentication Solution Providers provides simple and cost-effective supervision through browser-based management. We integrate around 400 of the industry’s foremost partner solutions, including networking, firewall, wireless, and more.


RSA Two-Factor Authentication Authorized Dealers deliver an imitated architecture, which assures uptime for your critical security arrangement.


Why organizations need Two-Factor Authentication?


Two-factor authentication solutions offer an extra layer of protection for a company’s most sensitive information. Owing to the malicious attempts to breach security in order to gain access to organization’s important data, those single layer authentications with a simple usernames and passwords are outdated and vulnerable.  Two-factor authentication offer extra sophistication with impeccable security measures.


Array Shield Two-Factor Authentication Solution Providers uses visual forms that users can remember and a portable card that user can carry with him/her. This ground breaking method ensures the authentication process highly protected and at the same time useful and affordable to the user. We being reputed Array Shield Two-Factor Authentication Authorized Dealers in the market and provide a secure substitute for password based verification, by providing a Two Factor Authentication solution. Our services are trusted by several customers in web, engineering, Professional Services, educational, retail and other industries.


Fortigate Two-Factor Authentication Authorized Dealers solutions are the most popular and are flexible to use. They provide high secured authentication method to secure the company’s sensitive data. With the product named FortiToken, we offer advanced features that include generation One Time Password, Visual based security approach and many such revolutionary features.



What we provide?


We, at CloudAce Technologies, provide Two-factor authentication solutions to safeguard the network from security breaches and keep your organization’s sensitive data secured. We provide all the above mentioned Two-factor authentication solutions and we are reputed Fortigate Two-Factor Authentication Solution Providers in the industry. 



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