Mount10 Cloud Backup

Mount10 provides a fully automatic data backup via Internet. Data such as contacts, emails and documents are valuable, important and confidential and will be stored with this simple procedure every day and highly secure in the alpine massif SWISS FORT KNOX. A fail-safe “Disk-to-disk” method and the latest software technology provide a highly secure and revolutionary solution for online backups.


The independent and underground Data Center SWISS FORT KNOX secures your data deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps region. This is resistant to any known threat and consists of two locations. It is not an exaggeration to say that your data while it is on the safest place in Europe. The SWISS FORT KNOX is well protected against natural disasters, theft, fire, hardware failure or other risks.

The backup can be precisely define by the user, with the exact Data set the last 30-60 day are stored in a continuous data archive. After expiry of 60 days, there is still a recent backup of each month available. The backup easily supports recovery of individual documents, even after a partial loss of data. The data access is ensure via Web Access feature by third computers from any time.


Data backup means in many companies now livelihood. The rising danger scenarios provide the function of digital information much attention. SME and consumers therefore benefit from the reliable total solution of Mount10. Which backup area is consider the most modern, safest and most reliable overall solution in online? For each Data set and IT infrastructure, they offer different service packages, which ensures an efficient backup solution for your business. The service we customized depending on your needs and wishes and expanded. A fully automatic and centralized management will replace interventions that you do manually.