Vaultize Cloud Backup

Vaultize – A cloud based backup service targeted at enterprises.


Anoosmar technologies, a Mumbai based startup has launched Valutize which is a data storage solution on the cloud specifically targeted at Enterprises. It comes with enterprise class SLAs, and they mention that ” Vaultize ensures complete and secure protection of files, emails and application databases on laptops, desktops and servers.”


Vaultize targets all kinds of enterprises starting from SMEs to Large enterprises. They target the very demanding needs of enterprise data backup on the cloud and this product is aimed at solving backup needs without much CAPEX. As this is based on a SaaS model, the upfront expenditure of companies is aimed to be less as hardware setup costs would be low. The OPEX, we assume, will be slightly higher than on premise backup solutions but that applies to most cloud solutions anyways.


They also provide flexibility in terms of hosting – from their own cloud or any other public cloud and even private clouds of the companies themselves. This is a very important customization as Enterprise needs are usually very specific and non negotiable – this flexibility would give them the ability to cater to needs of lots more companies. They also have a very cool “disk shipping” feature – although the viability of such a system (and security) has to be ascertained over the long run.