Airtel Dedicated Server

Airtel Dedicated Server is a private network for computers, which connects networks that are geographically separate through use of public communication like internet. Airtel, being one of the biggest names in communication in some countries in the world, must have Dedicated Server that is well functional and one that facilitates fast communication.


Airtel Dedicated Serveris one that provides security via security procedures and tunneling protocols like encryption. The Dedicated Serveran also enable the secure connection of the branch offices to the head office in an organization, using public networks over the internet. Airtel Dedicated Server is available in several ways, one of this been the Dedicated Server in a box. The Dedicated Server in a box is a service that is available inclusive of bundles that are ready to deploy.


Dedicated Serverin a box covers aspects such as assessment and the validation of requirements. It also assists you with the optimized solution, installation, design of networks, post sales maintenance, configuration and support. This makes sure you do not have to go looking for multiple help elsewhere for your Dedicated Server needs. You get to choose from several options of bandwidth, ranging between 64 Kbps and 90 Mbps. There is great performance and quality of this service thus ensuring there is good quality for the network.