Dell Tape Library / Cartridges

Dell’s PowerVault DL2000 solutions come with factory-installed CommVaultÆ SimpanaÆ or Symantec Backup Execô software that has integrated tools to aid customers with setup and deployment. The PowerVault DL2000 is designed to provide SMBs and SMEs with a turnkey tiered disk storage solution for backup and disaster recovery.


The PowerVault DL2000 comes with a centralized management interface, and customers are able to integrate additional features such as archive and replication. Furthermore, it is designed to automate and simplify the setup and management of disk-to-disk backup, enabling customers to optimize resources through a tiered storage strategy. The Dell PowerVault DL2000 is scalable from 3TB up to 144TB of usable disk capacity and is aimed at SMBs as well as branch offices of larger organizations looking for a cost-effective, scalable data protection solution for backup and disaster recovery.


The DL2000 allows customers to automatically provision and configure the disk resources for immediate use. There is no need for customers to configure RAID or allocate Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) to their backup storage software. Additional storage capacity can be added without requiring customers to reconfigure or set up the device. In addition, the PowerVault DL2000 offers integrated support for tape with 6 #215296 ©2009 IDC Dell’s PowerVault TL2000, TL4000, or ML6000 automated tape libraries, providing an extra measure of security by supporting removable media that can be vaulted offsite for archiving and disaster recovery.


The PowerVault DL2000 arrives factory installed with either CommVault Simpana software or Symantec Backup Exec. The version powered by CommVault features deduplication capabilities that store files only once, distributed protection of branch offices, continuous protection of data, one-step individual recovery, and synthetic full backups