Dell Storage Array Network (SAN)

Aggressive data growth can create complexity, putting undue pressure on your operations and on your bottom line. This results in a need to upgrade your storage. However, increasing your storage resources often strikes fear in the heart of the IT administrator. It conjures up visions of downtime, extra management tasks, expensive services, frustrated users, and working nights and weekends.


In addition, since capacity and performance are intimately connected, increasing storage resources can require balancing changes that affect the entire SAN. A solution that can scale storage completely — online, without downtime or disruption — makes growth painless and helps eliminate the need for over-provisioning.


What are the benefits?

  • Automation: Dell SAN storage easily integrates with virtual environments by moving data across tiers or to the cloud, saving you time.
  • Optimization: Dell’s SAN storage tiers can help you put data on the right storage at the right time.
  • Seamless Scale: You can buy what you need now and grow seamlessly later.