EMC Storage Array Network (SAN)

EMC provides solutions for storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) environments. EMC FC5300, FC4500 and FC4700-2 fiber channel storage arrays provide highly available storage for a variety of workgroup, midrange and enterprise applications. The EMC storage offers 8, 16, 32 and 64 port switches for consolidating storage in a SAN. EMC IP4700 provides a scalable high-end fiber channel NAS solution optimized for sharing information over IP networks.


EMC storage arrays exploit the full potential of fiber channel by integrating a fiber channel disk interface that utilizes a full 100MB/s bandwidth all the way to the disk drives. EMC SAN takes advantage of the processing power offered by up to four host bus adapters (HBAs) in a single server and dual array controllers operating in active-active mode.

  • EMC CX200 array with up to 5.9TBs of storage capacity offers exceptional value for small deployments and entry-level SAN environments.
  • EMC CX400 is midrange 2Gb fiber channel storage array offering up to 13.4TB of storage capacity and the highest bandwidth in its product class. It delivers speeds of up to 680MB/s throughput and provides a upgrade option to EMC CX600.
  • EMC CX600 gives the most data-intensive enterprise environments a powerful storage solution delivering end-to-end 2Gb fiber channel technology and raw capacity of up to 58.4TB. It delivers speeds of up to 1300MB/s throughput.


It offers end-to-end enterprise server and storage solutions including hardware, software and services to address the demanding storage issues facing the organization. EMC Storage Area Network (SAN) gives incredible flexibility to meet configuration and connectivity requirements for the organization.

Primary Storages


a. XTREMIO Users can get a better than physical desktop experience and the power that goes with it. No more failure as there would be maximum I/O performance, powerful virtualization integration, high availability, and the most effective usable capacity in the industry. Mixed workloads can be consolidated across all apps onto a single array and turbocharge the way organization accesses and consumes information.




EMC VMAX³ enterprise data services platform automates service level delivery securely across all IT infrastructures. It is the trusted data services and cloud broker directing workloads to the most optimal architecture based on application service level objectives. Data center can be modernized by enabling new business applications and incorporating the latest technological advancements in hardware and software. VMAX³ converges autonomous systems into to a consolidated platform. IT departments benefit from a management, environmental and operational cost perspective.

VMAX 10K/20K/40K –

  • VMAX 10K: Most affordable multicontroller array purpose-built for performance and efficiency to consolidate applications in virtual environments.
  •  VMAX 20K: Designed for performance, consolidation, and automation in demanding virtual data center environments. 
  • VMAX 40K: Purpose-built for hybrid cloud environments, providing the industry’s highest levels of consolidation, performance, and scalability.