Fujitsu Storage Array Network (SAN)

Highly available data storage is no longer considered a luxury in medium to large enterprises. The costs in time and money, for development and maintenance not to mention the personnel and expertise required to deliver and support shared highly available and scalable storage infrastructures may be prohibitive.


The SAN Architecture Service is an integral part of the Fujitsu High Availability Initiative. It delivers a well defined and documented SAN architecture that can be a cost-effective way to improve the availability of your valuable data.


The SAN Architecture Service provides a scalable Storage Area Network (SAN) built on proven methodologies, with future expansion paths identified and defined. It also provides connectivity for servers and shared storage.


Once deployed, the proven benefits of a SAN, such as meeting the ever-increasing demand for available applications, will be immediately evident. Fujitsu has the expertise, tools, technology, alliances, and experience to ensure that the requirements of application supported business processes are met.