Hitachi Storage Array Network (SAN)

To handle the massive and growing amount of file-based data and applications in today’s environments, organizations need efficient, highly scalable, and high-performance storage systems. They also need a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) and the gateway Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) family of systems are ideal for file sharing. They are also a top choice for file server consolidation, data protection and application data storage for Oracle, Microsoft and virtual environments. Our products boast the highest performance and usable capacity in the industry in addition to capacity efficiencies that allow organizations to truly do more, but with a lot less.


These capabilities translate into significant cost savings for organizations. The HUS and gateway HNAS products deliver a range of flexibility and choice. They can handle the variety of workloads and use cases of enterprise data centers, medium organizations and remote data centers across a wide range of industries.