Data Loss (Leak) Prevention

Data Loss (Leak) Prevention is tremendously empowering because, today, almost anybody will share, access, and spread information in unlimited volume. Organizations have come to rely upon it—in reality,

At the same time, the workforce has become more and more mobile and also the ubiquity of high-speed net access and smart mobile devices. So portable storage means “the office” will be anywhere. As a consequence, it’s become harder than ever for organizations to stop the loss of sensitive data.


Cloud ACE offers the most comprehensive insider threat and data Loss(Leak) prevention solution to prevent breaches and keep your data secure. Technology alone doesn’t confirm business outcomes. Actually effective security is about understanding individuals and data and how they interact.


Therefore your users and business are often protected thoroughly. A lot of alerts and better budgets don’t stop the information breach from the compromised insider. So stop the malicious insider or block accidental data loss.


Data Loss prevention solutions are for organizations in all industries that require to safeguard intellectual property completely. As well as client and proprietary information in motion, at rest and in use also.


 Cloud ACE provides an intensive suite of detection and analysis capabilities:


We involved with industry leaders like Sophos, Symantec to produce assistance. On classifying information that identifies, classifies, correlates, captures and stops data outflow.


• With visibility and control across the whole network, CloudACE DLP provides most protection against state and federal compliance violations, client data loss, intellectual property stealing, insider hacker activity, deceitful employee lawsuits, inappropriate web usage and corporate espionage.


• We are able to facilitate you to defend against unauthorized data loss through e-mail messages and attachments. Automatic and customization actions allow for encryption, quarantining or interference messages.


• The most vital part identifying and defend sensitive data residing in stored information is data at rest using our competencies. We are able to help you in detection and classification methods.


Discovery of sensitive data permits security groups to focus their initiatives on specific users and systems. So implement the suitable measures to satisfy regulatory needs totally.