Encryption is the conversion of data into a form,  that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people. To ensure data privacy by encrypting data stored on your endpoints clearly. Especially devices like laptops, DVDs, and USB drives. So which can easily be lost or stolen, data can be secured with full disk encryption, folder, and file encryption, as well as removable media encryption.


Cloud ACE is a System Integration Company providing solutions in IT, Networking, Security and computing solutions. So we are specialized in designing unique solutions to solve your unique needs clearly. Operating from our base in Hyderabad, our highly trained and qualified engineers will provide you with the best pre and post-sales support completely.


With an astonished talent of our competent team, we are offering complete solutions of Encryption & Authentication services thoroughly. Because of with the help of our vendors, we are capable of providing this range of solutions in standard as well as a customized form to our clients at the industry leading prices completely.



  • Password security
  • Memorize and manage accounts and passwords of webpage & the application program
  • Help automatically log in, no need to input manually
  • Log in the computer OS and the network by inserting the Key
  • Lock the computer desktop available
  • PIN code protection
  • Secure File or Data Distribution between the sender and the receiver
  • Secure digital certificate
  • Store secret key & digital certificate in it
  • Secure Disk: securely store the important files and information in the computer
  • Secure Timer: used for the time calculation and the control of the computer.