Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of mobile productivity without boundaries. With the ability to secure the mobile workspace, MDM is a precursor for all enterprises.


The broad adoption of smartphones, tablets and other innovative mobile devices has been a double-edged sword for IT decision-makers. On one hand, these devices have led to an extraordinary leap in workforce productivity. Individuals will work from any place at any time – even after they are on the go.


On the opposite hand, these devices introduce security risks and a brand new array of potential expenses which will spiral out of management if not managed suitably. To get your arms around this difficult chance, you would like a comprehensive strategy to manage, integrate, and secure mobile devices that not only addresses today’s needs, however, but also builds a platform for the long run.


Cloud ACE will allow any size organization started with a mobile device management strategy. The process starts by that specialize in your distinctive business wants and runs through a three-stage fast begin approach:


• Assessment:

Assesses this mobile environment and develops the simplest solution roadmap.

• Proof-of-Concept:

Provides active expertise with Cloud ACE tools and processes.

• Production/Pilot:

Facilitates associate analysis of the choices, defines the simplest operational approach and implements a live atmosphere.


Whether embrace an employer-issued strategy or following a bring-your-own-technology (BYOT) approach. Our Mobile Device Management services leverage our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) framework. To deliver technology and process transformation and enhancements in IT infrastructure maturity to support your business goals and facilitate you:


• Perceive this state of mobile utilization
• Assess the workforce’s specific wants
• Project a management plan which will reduce prices, enhance performance, and guarantee secure use of mobile assets


Our quality management consultants will develop and deploy applications that are customized for your business processes. Our IIM™ methodology utilizes ITIL® best practices to make sure that your mobile applications can give the business price and high levels of technical performance in a secure environment.