Link Load balancer

To increase scalability and availability of network applications, link load balancing evenly distributes work between a group of computers (clusters) to improve throughput and application response times, resulting in efficient resource utilization. Through the implementation of a hardware device (referred to as a multilayer switch), link load balancing will lead to improved application delivery over IP networks. Dedicated to accelerating the performance of network applications, enabling local and global server availability, and strengthening the application security and infrastructure scalability, link load balancing will result in increased productivity and ultimately, a higher return on investment (ROI).


The employment of a link load balancing solution can result in a variety of system improvements that encourage the advancement of business-smart-networking. By improving the infrastructure and back-end operations and aligning them with front end application requirements, wide area network (WAN) load balancing can eliminate surges in traffic, server bottlenecks, connectivity disconnections and server downtime.

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