Log Analyzer and Event Correlation Solution Providers

Log Analyzer and Event Correlation Solution Providers: Web Log Analyzer is one of our open source initiative to ease the analysis of huge production web access logs. Provides clear visibility of badly performing pages, min, max& avg. response times of your webpages as perceived by your web server. On-the-spot data analysis to judgment contributes to the improvement of product quality and manufacturing efficiency.


Event correlation is an essential feature of network monitoring which simplifies and makes sense of the vast relationships between events to ensure that crucial events can be quickly pinpointed and resolved in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


As organizations continue to evolve, one of the key challenges they encounter is the ability to manage a larger number of complex events that can have a significant impact on business services. Given the scale of this, the ability to ‘cut through the noise’ of the vast amount of information generated becomes vital in order to detect, inspect and react to key issues clearly.


CloudACE Monitor’s event correlation feature enables IT, professionals, to stay on top of their networks and in complete control, freeing them up to focus their capabilities and time on other crucial organizational IT objectives, meaning a shorter mean time to repair (MTTR) and more streamlined and efficient workflow.


Real-Time Event Correlation:

At CloudACE we understand the importance of preventing unnecessary downtime and the subsequent loss of revenue for clients. Due to drowning in a flood of alerts without the ability to determine what is wrong and fix it. With our event correlation feature, we help you to detect the most important issues in real time. Through inspecting thousands of events and notifying you of the root cause so you can resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.


As with most of CloudACE Monitor’s features, being the best log analyzer and event correlation Solution Providers we offer a high level of configuration for users, giving you complete control to suit your specific needs.