GFI Patch Management Solutions

GFI Patch Management Solutions, Testing and deployment of operating system patches.

Every year, Microsoft® issues numerous security patches designed to fix operating system vulnerabilities to worms, viruses and other malicious software. Patch Management helps ensure data integrity, software compliance and system security at all times.

Key Services

  • Automatic deployment of critical operating system patch updates through required secure, high-speed connections
  • Requisite testing of Microsoft® security patches prior to distribution
  • Immediate closure of known operating system vulnerabilities and exploitation risks
  • Scheduled deployment and reboot sequencing

Key Benefits

  • Continuously certifies its products with the Patch Management solution
  • Certifies and evaluates each OS patch, making sure that patch updates do not interrupt service, ensuring that no extraneous patches are deployed
  • Assists with set-up for managing patch deployment
  • The Managed Services website tracks and reports on successful deployments

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