Kaspersky Patch Management Solutions

Cybercriminals are exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in operating systems and common applications, including Java, Adobe, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and more, as part of their targeted attacks against all sizes of business. This risk is compounded by increasing IT complexity – if you don’t know what you’ve got, how can you secure it? By centralizing and automating essential security and management tasks, such as vulnerability assessment, patch, and update distribution, inventory management and control and application rollouts, Kaspersky Vulnerability & Patch Management minimizes IT security risks and cuts through IT complexity. All delivered from a single integrated ‘pane of glass’ security management console.


One solution for multiple IT management tasks

Because Kaspersky Systems Management combines a wide range of configuration, provisioning, patch management and network admission functions. There’s no need to buy, run, integrate and maintain several separate management products that may require multiple, incompatible control consoles.

Quick to deploy and easy to manage saves time and money

Kaspersky Systems Management is preconfigured – ready to start work as soon as it’s installed on your network.

Protecting your business against vulnerabilities

By providing you with centralized control over the patching of an operating system and application vulnerabilities – plus control over whether individual devices are granted access to corporate data – Kaspersky Systems Management also adds further layers of protection for your business. Kaspersky Vulnerability & Patch Management is available as a targeted solution – for businesses that want to eliminate security vulnerabilities. For Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select customers, this automation is available with the Kaspersky Vulnerability and Patch Management Add-on.


Kaspersky Vulnerability & Patch Management is also included in the following products:

Kaspersky Total Security for Business, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select can also be purchased on subscription – with flexible, monthly licensing. Please check with your local partner about subscription availability in your country – and see the relevant system requirements here.