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Desktop Dealers and Solution Providers   In CloudAce Technologies, desktops are more often used. Desktop is an instance of an operating system running on a virtualization host. It is delivered to a user and accessed via a desktop access client.   It imports a virtual machine into Oracle VDI. After that the desktop can be assigned to any user. Oracle VM Virtual Box and Microsoft Hyper-V hosted machines can be imported from a shared folder. In addition, virtual machines can be directly imported from a Virtual Box host. For VMware vCenter, the virtual machines remain under the control of VMware vCenter, but the user assignment and runtime management is done by Oracle VDI. It also creates a persistent relation between a user and the desktop. This desktop will be reserved for the user as their personal desktop.   CloudAce Convert Desktop to Template and moves the desktop to the template management of the pool and creates a first revision. Desktop can be started from the host. If the desktop is not registered on the host, one is selected based on free memory. The desktop is then registered and started.   When there are changes to the desktop configuration, result in the need of rebuilding the bootable image, CloudAce places the desktop in Maintenance Mode while the rebuild is in progress.   Today, almost all desktop computers include a built-in modem, a CD-ROM drive, a multi-gigabyte magnetic storage drive, and sometimes a diskette drive. In businesses and increasingly at home, desktop computers can be interconnected and can share resources such as printers by being connected to a local area network (LAN).   Advantages of Desktop PC include:

  1. There is lot of memory space for which a large amount of data can be saved.
  2. Processors are very fast.
  3. A desktop computer is more easy to upgrade.


A desktop computer integrates the system’s internal components into the same case as the display, eliminating some connecting cables and allowing for a smaller footprint, sometimes giving a degree of portability, compared to the standard desktop configuration of the separate display monitor and computer system case.     Depending on the work we do and the demands, business focus and our workflow, we need a desktop computer to accommodate the hardware that supports our profession. Desktop have more display flexibility.   Some of the main Desktops we use are:

  1. Dell Desktops
  2. Hp Desktops
  3. Lenovo Desktops