Data Storage and Backup Consulting Services

In the rapidly evolving technology world, it’s a challenging task for an organization to store and manage its information. Its success is hugely depended on its ability to store information and data. We, at Cloudace Technologies, provide impeccable solutions to solve your network storage problems. Our Network Storage Consulting Services ensure a perfect design for your storage strategy in place with right technology employed.

Owing to evolving technology, numerous data storage techniques are being emerged in the industry. Our Network Attached Storage (NAS) Consulting Services help small and large enterprises to store and retrieve large data at cheaper rates.


Storage Area Network being clustered close to other computing systems is used to interconnect multiple data storage devices with other integrated data servers. We being one of the reputed Storage Area Network (SAN) Consulting Services provider offer impeccable solutions.


We also offer Secondary Storage Consulting Services that differs from primary data storage and is not directly accessed by CPU and Desktop & Laptop Backup Consulting Services to back up your files to a local folder automatically when you are offline.


The other important services we offer include Server Backup Consulting Services and Storage Backup Consulting Services to back up your server files and data storage files respectively. Both in small and large enterprises, backing up the stored file